Vogue VIP - Landing Page

Vogue VIP, an exclusive members-only community.


Reframe the narrative around Vogue VIP, a members-only community with access to exclusive Vogue content, products and experiences.

Redesign the landing page for Vogue VIP to clearly articulate the value of membership, optimize conversions and generate signups.


I worked with the Conde Nast marketing team and their digital strategists to realign the conversation about the value of becoming a member of Vogue VIP. After analyzing the web traffic and data, I streamlined the design, centering around 3 key pillars of the membership program.

The original site felt unfocused – it had video playing, hidden carousels, less than stellar photography of the welcome package and multiple calls-to-action. I focused on highlighting the core benefits of the program, getting dynamic, compelling imagery, optimizing for reading on mobile and streamlining a single call to action. 

We did A/B testing to determine which buttons, copy and images generated the most signups and optimized accordingly. The new creative was also supported with a cohesive social ad buy to drive traffic to the new landing page.

Original Landing Page:

Vogue VIP - Home - Mobile
Section No. 1

Mobile-friendly design

I redesigned the landing page in a cleaner, more intuitive layout and of course, a mobile-friendly design. Consistent calls to action emphasized a clear message to the user.

Section No. 2

Reframing the benefits of membership

I organized the layout around 3 key pillars of the membership program – community, product and events. I focused on highlighting the core benefits of the program and aligning them with dynamic, compelling imagery to tell a cohesive story.

Vogue VIP - Landing Page - Exclusive Products
Editors & Content

Exclusive access to insider content and the opportunity to interact with Vogue editors online and in person.

Exclusive Gifts & Perks

A welcome package with an exclusive Clare V. clutch, subscription to Vogue, and special, editor-selected gifts throughout the year.

Vogue VIP - Additional Benefits
Vogue VIP - Exclusive Benefits
Global Reach

Online community of  fellow luxury fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts around the world.

Events & Experiences

Attend events with fashion designers, Vogue editors and other VIPs.